We are powered by the blockchain

Gimbl provides a truly decentralized and community-based live challenges platform for streamers and their viewers. Be part of the revolution.

We leverage the blockchain power

Using the latest technologies and pushing UX research to its utmost limit, the Gimbl app is here to serve you in the most seamless and progressive way.

To guarantee that challenges are settled in the most transparent and fair way, Gimbl utilizes smart contracts for a more secure experience.

Gimbl smart contracts are settled on the Ethereum blockchain, providing general consistency and decentralized security. Guaranteed 100% uptime and 100% tamper-proof.

We are using the blockchain to disrupt esports

We developed a decentralized model to keep the action trustable and transparent, so you can focus on fun.


Viewers set a challenge, a smart contract holds the funds and ensures that the outcome is settled fairly.


Everything is recorded on the blockchain for everyone to see, removing both doubt and potential fraud.


Get away from monopolies, using cryptocurrencies you are in control of your assets and your actions.